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New Blog – New Address!

Hey fellow bloggers!

I know I was a gone for a long while, a lot has been happening 🙂

I just wanted to let you know that I am still writing, just under a different address on my new (good-looking!) blog.

I would love to see you there and reconnect 🙂

See you there!


New Blog

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Here’s Why You Are Hiding Your Weaknesses And How To STOP Doing It.

I want to start with you imagining a situation of you going on a first date, or you going for an interview in a new work place. The first thing that should come into your mind is first impression, right? We all want to look good and as if things are better than ever. Why? Because we are selling ourselves.

The problem begins when we keep pretending longer and longer into the relationship. We hold on to the perfect image we’ve created and we don’t let ourselves really open up and be real. We start feeling uncomfortable around people because we’re wondering “only if they knew… what would they say?”, “If they really knew me, would they still like, or hire me?”

Our greatest wish is that people would really know us, and we wouldn’t have to pretend or lie to cover up the truth. We are afraid that if people really knew all of our colors, they wouldn’t like us for who we are. We feel that putting up a “perfect” show is better than rejection.

The solution is very simple.


The only way for us, or for anyone else, to be really loved is to expose ourselves and open up. That fear of rejection is the beginning of the greatest scam of all. It will lead to an endless pretense. You can break that vicious circle and all you have to do is to be vulnerable.

We are all messed up. We all have flaws. No one is perfect, and yet we all try to present ourselves in the best light, and hide our scars. Even though we are all the same, we are putting up a show as a defense mechanism.

The level of intimacy and closeness that we’ll get to experience in our relationships is determined by the level of our honesty and rawness. We want close relationships but we are afraid that people will use what we share against us. This scenario is really an option, but it shouldn’t stop you from choosing love over fear every time.

If we’ll be able to do that and really take the leap of faith and risk it by opening up, we will witness something beautiful. Most people will be glad to know that we are human too, and they will be relieved. They will be relieved because they are dealing with the same fears or something similar, and now we inspired and encouraged them to open up and share as well. Together we will witness the fragility of the human creature, and that is the beauty of it.

The more we will share our weaknesses and struggles, the more people will feel comfortable around us and moreover to talk to us.

For us to deal with our demons and the darkness within, we have to light it up. One way to do it, is to show this side of us to someone else. Through the loving responses of people, we will learn how to embrace this side of us, and it will no longer be an open wound we can’t bear the idea of dealing with it.

Personally, I would prefer being rejected for who I really am, rather than loved for what I am not.

Gal Hanukaev.

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Black Friday Is a Waste Of Money!


We can spend money that we don’t have and feel better because we got a 150$ discount!

Guys, society is brainwashing you to believe that you NEED to buy something because it’s on sale. Commercials, ads and what not is feeding our minds with the idea that we need to take part in that shopping spree.

Don’t buy into that ‘poor’ mentality that is always looking for a discount. It is like wasting 30 minutes extra in the shop just to find a cereal box that is 50 cent cheaper.

30 minutes of your time worth 50 cent?!

Take this time and money and invest in yourself so that one day you would not care about 50 cent or 150$ discount. Instead of chasing the discount, grow and work to earn those 150$ and so much more!

Be the WOLF not the sheep, and think for yourself.

Take care!

Visit my new YouTube Channel for real life inspiration and education, not the BS they teach us in school or on TV.

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WAKE YOU UP! + News :)

**I have some news waiting for you at the botom ;)**

Lucky for me I got to the point where I don’t like people.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love people. Service to others is the purpose of life to me. I truly believe that my destiny is to help you find yours.

I don’t like average minds. I don’t like average people who are trying to sell me their philosophy and justify their mediocrity.

I cannot stand that. I feel as if they are infecting my mind and I can’t spend much time around them.

I don’t like this kind of people.

I don’t hate though, hate will hurt just me. I got to the point where I don’t care and I couldn’t care less.

To make things clear, I am talking about the ignorant, close minded and disrespectful people.

But you…

If you are here reading these words it means you are searching; you are on a journey.

You are my kind of people.

You got to wake up and see the people in your life who don’t server your purpose. The people who keep telling you that you may fail or lacking the experience. People who are trying to be the voice of reason, but really they are afraid of trying themselves and they want you to keep them company.

You got to wake up and sharpen your senses. That way you will be able to smell fear in others, but most importantly you will see your vision; you will hear your calling; you will taste victory and you will touch your destiny.

You go to wake up and realize that time is your most valuable asset and mean.

Money can be saved; money can be multiplied; you can make more money! Even your health can be regained…

But time?


Invest your time in yourself – meditate, pray and study. Invest your time in relationships so you can love and grow together and build a family.

I am asking to for the last time….

Please wake up and see the illusion of life. Everything around you is temporary; anything that you can perceive through your sense will be gone one day… even you.

My question is…

What are we afraid of?

What are we holding on to?

G-d made us angles in a human body, that’s why we can’t see the wings…

We are meant to FLY.

Do you know what the best way to wake up is?

Realizing that you will die one day.

Do you know what is the best thing you can do to motivated you?


The news are the I started my YouTube channel finally and I will be uploading every Monday and Friday. The videos are going to be in the same fashion of this posts: inspirational, motivational and educational. I am going to talk about fears, insecurities, depression and our dreams. These are all very important areas of life and nobody teaches us how to handle them. 

I hope you will take the time to visit and hopefully you will find value in my words.

Here is the link.

Take care everyone.


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Don’t Look Back – Motivation

This is not another post about letting go of the past or letting it teach you. Nope.

I don’t remember my past.

I have a blank space in my memory. Not because of an accident or a condition, no…

It is because the minute I woke up a new me was born. I raised from the dead.

I realized I wasn’t alive, so of course I have no memories. I was dead, but still walking.

I had friends, I come from a good home, I never lacked anything and school was kind of a breeze – on paper everything was perfect. But still… something wasn’t working.

I was born more sensitive than others, and many things, especially new experiences, terrified me to death.

So I ended up doing nothing.

I never had a girlfriend, never had hobbies, and never had a job… Don’t even mention speaking in front of people, Hell no. I was hiding from life… You know, just in case.

My introverted self did anything he could to keep my shit together; or in other words – comfort zone.

One day, around the age of 19, I decided that enough is enough. I found the courage to break down all of my belief system which was all about me not being good enough; me being weak.

I was so thirsty for a drop of change that I started immediately.

I questioned everything around me – what I was thinking and what others were saying. I had to research about every little thing because I knew that people have the tendency to talk without really knowing. They are talking for the sake of saying something. Everything that somebody said to me was merely an opinion. What if he is scared and that is his interpretation to the situation? What if he failed and now he thinks that that’s how things are?

I refused to accept someone else’s victim mentality. I wanted to win and I knew that I have to find the way. I knew that it is time to take responsibility and be proactive. Anything and anyone that wasn’t resourceful on my journey, was out of the window.

I used my sensitivity as a radar to see what is right for me.

Now that I am awake and I can say ‘No’ or ‘ I don’t want to’, I am not afraid.

I am not afraid to die, because I was already dead.

So yeah… I have no memories of my childhood and middle-school, but I have vision for my future and this is service to others.

My destiny is to WAKE YOU UP!

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Remember Your Death – Motivational Video

Some inspiration from your fellow blogger 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Feel free to tell me what you think.


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Take Another Step – Motivation

Take another step…

I remember telling this to myself when I was in pain.

My mind started filling up with the bullshit my fear was feeding me with.

Until one day I got angry. All I wanted was to see what lays beyond fear.

I did not care. I felt as if I have nothing to lose.

I don’t know how, but I found strength within me that kept reminding me to keep walking; that even though I am afraid and it may be hard, I will not die… I will go through it.

And I am asking you…

Don’t wonder ‘what if’, take another step and find out!

Life has an endless possible scenarios for your reality. Why don’t you go and pick the one that YOU want?

When you look fear in the eyes without blinking, fear will blink first… every damn time. You will see that this is an illusion; that fear is the greatest lie of all.

Your job is to keep going, step by step.

Don’t run through pain. Let it change you and make you stronger. Be with it. And at some point you will break down all of your limitations…

The secret is to keep walking the walk of faith. Faith that the dots will connect down the road. Faith in G-d that he put that calling in your heart and that he is with you while you go there.

You have it all in you… Everything that you need or want… You just need to go and take it. It is so effortless G-d to give you anything that you wish to achieve, the work is yours.


Take another step, and DON’T LOOK BACK.


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Become Her Diamond – Motivation

I have done some research for you so I can share some perspective; perspective that will wake you up.

Everybody wants to be a diamond, but only few are willing to bear pressure, fire and darkness for as long as it takes.

For a diamond to become a diamond it has to go through hell.

The work is happening on the INSIDE – 200 km to the core of the earth. The diamond is lying there under an immense pressure, in a thousand Celsius degrees for years so the carbon atoms can organize themselves into a unique piece of jewelry.

If that is what a diamond has to go through, why are we crying over anything less than that? We are supposed to be grateful!

Do you know what the next stage is? Do you what has to happen next for a diamond to rise to the face of the Earth?


Do you know why it has to explode? Because nowhere on this planet we can find the right conditions for a diamond to form and stabilize.

I hope you see where I am going with this by now…

YOU ARE THE CARBON ATOMS; and for you to become a diamond you must go through the hard times, the difficulties and the setbacks to let them shape you. We can use the exact same carbon atoms to become either coal or a diamond – it is our choice!

G-d and mother-nature gave you the right conditions to become a diamond:

You will DIE one day, you are not immortal – that is the element of pressure. Without it the greatest minds in the history of humanity wouldn’t even get up to invent the TV so they can become a couch potato watching it; they could do it “tomorrow” or on “Monday”.

The people you surround yourself with, the books that you read, your habits and rituals – that is the element of organization – who you become. Always keep in mind that diamonds and coal are made of the exact same atoms, the difference is how the atoms are organized.

It will not happen overnight, it may take decades to become successful – that is the element of time – the process.

The last element and maybe the most important one is your passion, that seed in your heart, your calling – that is the element of fire.

All of this is happening inside you. Your heart is working, your mind is working and your muscles are working. Who you are is always under construction.

The diamonds that you see walking on earth, the people who you look up to, all of them are a product of the process. Each one of them is here as a result of an explosion.

They had to blow up for their light to shine. They had to blow up to let the beautiful diamond that they are to change the world.

Now it is your turn.

Start walking right now… so that one day you can say – I MADE IT!

And then





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It’s All About Her – Love Letter

“Everybody needs inspiration,
Everybody needs a song.
A beautiful melody,
When the nights are long.
Because there is no guarantee
That this is life easy.”-

Miley Cyrus – When I look At You.

I found my inspiration. I found my song. I found the most beautiful melody of all melodies. I know that I am not alone anymore. It doesn’t matter what I will have to go through in my life, I know that I have her; and she is the most beautiful soul, mind, body and smile on this Earth.

She is made for me and I will do anything to be made for her.

When you know what you have found, you don’t question it. I had all of the reasons to question the possibility of us happening and me being able to take care of this magnificent woman.

But I didn’t… Because I knew what I found in her.

We met randomly, in Rome. She is from Ireland and I am from Israel. I never had a relationship before her and now this is a long distance. I never had a relationship before her and she is a funny, wise and sensitive woman which means intelligence and depth to handle. Lucky for me, she is incredibly sharp and could see that my shyness is just a disguise for a lot of joy that is just looking for a safe environment to come out.

It felt safe from minute one.

I am here to tell you guys that your number one job is to be a great man for your woman. This is your number one job.

When she is upset, you are there to LOVE her. When she is cranky, you are there to LOVE her. When she is emotional, YOU ARE THERE TO LOVE HER!

I don’t care about your pride, I don’t care about your ego, I don’t care about your anger issues; you work on all of that so when she needs you, you will be there to love her!

That is how it works. There is no room for pride. Work on yourself so you can be there day in and day out in case she needs you.

In return… if she is the right woman, she will blow you away with her strength and beauty. She will be there to support your craft, to hug and encourage you and she will contain all of your fears, dreams, ideas and hopes.

They are so strong and majestic, and we men are so small compared to this divinity.

I always make sure to remind the love of my life that she is number one. Before money, before work… even before our future children. Yes, even the children. She was here before them, she will be here with them and it will be only her and me after they grow up. It is her all along, so yes… she is number one.

Tell her that she is beautiful. Show her how beautiful she is.

Sometimes I am finding myself looking at her when she can’t see me looking… and I am dying. My heart is melting. She is so precious, so gentle and feminine. She is an angel. She is my angel and I will make sure that she knows that and more importantly FEELS that.

Surprise her. Lift her up. Hug her. Kiss her. Show her how in love you are with her.

Get her flowers! So many men are failing at this one. Get her flowers!

I am not even going to mention how inexpensive flowers are because her smile and the way she lights up worth more than money. If times are hard and you can’t afford a 5 Euro bouquet, then take her for a walk and pick a flower. That is free and even more special, because it takes time and energy and not just something money can buy.

This is so simple…

When you love a woman and you want her forever,

You Just Love her.

She is your diamond and you work every day to become her diamond.


Dedicated to my soulmate, my best friend, my dream girl, my everything.
I don’t like calling you the one because it gives the impression that there is a second place. There isn’t. You are the ONLY one.

You will ALWAYS be my FOREVER.

Eternally yours,


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Watching You Play – Motivation

I used to be a watcher.

I kept it quiet so people won’t notice my fear.

I knew I want to play but I was afraid.

I never went first. I waited for others to go first so I am sure it’s “safe”. So afraid of the unknown.

I was never in front because that means drawing attention to me. It was hard enough handling my own attention knowing that I am not doing what I really want to do.

It was hard getting off the bench. It was hard saying out loud or even to myself – I WANT TO PLAY!

But I knew that in life there two types of people. Some people are out there playing and daring and some are just watching, waiting for their death to come.

I know how it feels to be a watcher… Watch others play.

But now…

I am the coach. I am the playmaker. I decide what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen.

I OWN my game.

I am taking chances on the things that I really want. I am decisive with my actions and I am making things happen for me.


The best tip… The best advice… The best encouragement I can give you is this:

Get up and work on yourself to be a better man to your woman (and vice versa). Make sure that you can take care of her emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and sexually, so she knows that she is your queen. That she’s number one.

Why am I telling you this and what does it has to do with motivation?

Because the way you are treating your woman, is the way you are treating you work. The two greatest passions of a man. The way you are touching your woman, is the way you are touching the world.

One of my favorite sayings and principles is: HOW YOU DO ANYTHING IS HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING.

Remember that in the end of the day even the greatest player wants to go home… To his woman’s arms.

In the end of the day IT’S ALL ABOUT HER.

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