All I ever wondered about since I can remember myself is how to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL. When I was younger it was pretty shallow and ungrounded. I was sure I am going to work really hard, save a lot of money and retire at 50 instead of 65. My attention was in the future.

Almost three years ago, I woke up. I realized I want to be happy today. I want to be free today. Because this day is my life. I knew I am not living my life to the fullest and that fears hold me back instead of my dreams driving me forward.

With hard work, dedication and hours of self observation I became more aware to my body, my thoughts and my feelings. I found my calling. I realized what my life is all about.

I want to help people find their calling and their dreams. Become fearless and courageous. Think for themselves. Follow what  I believe is the only absolute truth – Their HEARTS. I realized that we have only ONE SHOT in this life, so I better make it count. I truly believe humanity will benefit from more people following their hearts.

I am a 22-year-old guy from Israel and I want to spread love and happiness on planet Earth.

If you find my words resourceful, inspiring, wise or educating, share with your loved ones because (And that is what my girlfriend always says) sharing is caring. That is exactly why I share what I learned and how it changed my life.

If I get to touch one heart, just one, I fulfilled my mission.

With Peace, Love & Hope,

Gal Hanukaev.


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