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Black Friday Is a Waste Of Money!


We can spend money that we don’t have and feel better because we got a 150$ discount!

Guys, society is brainwashing you to believe that you NEED to buy something because it’s on sale. Commercials, ads and what not is feeding our minds with the idea that we need to take part in that shopping spree.

Don’t buy into that ‘poor’ mentality that is always looking for a discount. It is like wasting 30 minutes extra in the shop just to find a cereal box that is 50 cent cheaper.

30 minutes of your time worth 50 cent?!

Take this time and money and invest in yourself so that one day you would not care about 50 cent or 150$ discount. Instead of chasing the discount, grow and work to earn those 150$ and so much more!

Be the WOLF not the sheep, and think for yourself.

Take care!

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© Gal Hanukaev and TheHeartWay, 2016.


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