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WAKE YOU UP! + News :)

**I have some news waiting for you at the botom ;)**

Lucky for me I got to the point where I don’t like people.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love people. Service to others is the purpose of life to me. I truly believe that my destiny is to help you find yours.

I don’t like average minds. I don’t like average people who are trying to sell me their philosophy and justify their mediocrity.

I cannot stand that. I feel as if they are infecting my mind and I can’t spend much time around them.

I don’t like this kind of people.

I don’t hate though, hate will hurt just me. I got to the point where I don’t care and I couldn’t care less.

To make things clear, I am talking about the ignorant, close minded and disrespectful people.

But you…

If you are here reading these words it means you are searching; you are on a journey.

You are my kind of people.

You got to wake up and see the people in your life who don’t server your purpose. The people who keep telling you that you may fail or lacking the experience. People who are trying to be the voice of reason, but really they are afraid of trying themselves and they want you to keep them company.

You got to wake up and sharpen your senses. That way you will be able to smell fear in others, but most importantly you will see your vision; you will hear your calling; you will taste victory and you will touch your destiny.

You go to wake up and realize that time is your most valuable asset and mean.

Money can be saved; money can be multiplied; you can make more money! Even your health can be regained…

But time?


Invest your time in yourself – meditate, pray and study. Invest your time in relationships so you can love and grow together and build a family.

I am asking to for the last time….

Please wake up and see the illusion of life. Everything around you is temporary; anything that you can perceive through your sense will be gone one day… even you.

My question is…

What are we afraid of?

What are we holding on to?

G-d made us angles in a human body, that’s why we can’t see the wings…

We are meant to FLY.

Do you know what the best way to wake up is?

Realizing that you will die one day.

Do you know what is the best thing you can do to motivated you?


The news are the I started my YouTube channel finally and I will be uploading every Monday and Friday. The videos are going to be in the same fashion of this posts: inspirational, motivational and educational. I am going to talk about fears, insecurities, depression and our dreams. These are all very important areas of life and nobody teaches us how to handle them

I hope you will take the time to visit and hopefully you will find value in my words.

Here is the link.

Take care everyone.


©All Rights Reserved To Gal Hanukaev.




5 thoughts on “WAKE YOU UP! + News :)”

  1. I could definitely relate to you Gal. I also could not stand disrespectful, close-minded, ignorant people and even those who think they know everything! I believe that if you think you know all, that’s the time you stop learning and growing…we need to keep the desire to continue growing and learning as a human being- and I think we can do that best thru our interaction with others. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true. We can learn something from anyone 🙂
      Thanks for reading Nina and I hope you will check the videos I told you about 😉 I started putting it out there.

      Liked by 1 person

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