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Take Another Step – Motivation

Take another step…

I remember telling this to myself when I was in pain.

My mind started filling up with the bullshit my fear was feeding me with.

Until one day I got angry. All I wanted was to see what lays beyond fear.

I did not care. I felt as if I have nothing to lose.

I don’t know how, but I found strength within me that kept reminding me to keep walking; that even though I am afraid and it may be hard, I will not die… I will go through it.

And I am asking you…

Don’t wonder ‘what if’, take another step and find out!

Life has an endless possible scenarios for your reality. Why don’t you go and pick the one that YOU want?

When you look fear in the eyes without blinking, fear will blink first… every damn time. You will see that this is an illusion; that fear is the greatest lie of all.

Your job is to keep going, step by step.

Don’t run through pain. Let it change you and make you stronger. Be with it. And at some point you will break down all of your limitations…

The secret is to keep walking the walk of faith. Faith that the dots will connect down the road. Faith in G-d that he put that calling in your heart and that he is with you while you go there.

You have it all in you… Everything that you need or want… You just need to go and take it. It is so effortless G-d to give you anything that you wish to achieve, the work is yours.


Take another step, and DON’T LOOK BACK.


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© Gal Hanukaev and TheHeartWay, 2016.


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