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Become Her Diamond – Motivation

I have done some research for you so I can share some perspective; perspective that will wake you up.

Everybody wants to be a diamond, but only few are willing to bear pressure, fire and darkness for as long as it takes.

For a diamond to become a diamond it has to go through hell.

The work is happening on the INSIDE – 200 km to the core of the earth. The diamond is lying there under an immense pressure, in a thousand Celsius degrees for years so the carbon atoms can organize themselves into a unique piece of jewelry.

If that is what a diamond has to go through, why are we crying over anything less than that? We are supposed to be grateful!

Do you know what the next stage is? Do you what has to happen next for a diamond to rise to the face of the Earth?


Do you know why it has to explode? Because nowhere on this planet we can find the right conditions for a diamond to form and stabilize.

I hope you see where I am going with this by now…

YOU ARE THE CARBON ATOMS; and for you to become a diamond you must go through the hard times, the difficulties and the setbacks to let them shape you. We can use the exact same carbon atoms to become either coal or a diamond – it is our choice!

G-d and mother-nature gave you the right conditions to become a diamond:

You will DIE one day, you are not immortal – that is the element of pressure. Without it the greatest minds in the history of humanity wouldn’t even get up to invent the TV so they can become a couch potato watching it; they could do it “tomorrow” or on “Monday”.

The people you surround yourself with, the books that you read, your habits and rituals – that is the element of organization – who you become. Always keep in mind that diamonds and coal are made of the exact same atoms, the difference is how the atoms are organized.

It will not happen overnight, it may take decades to become successful – that is the element of time – the process.

The last element and maybe the most important one is your passion, that seed in your heart, your calling – that is the element of fire.

All of this is happening inside you. Your heart is working, your mind is working and your muscles are working. Who you are is always under construction.

The diamonds that you see walking on earth, the people who you look up to, all of them are a product of the process. Each one of them is here as a result of an explosion.

They had to blow up for their light to shine. They had to blow up to let the beautiful diamond that they are to change the world.

Now it is your turn.

Start walking right now… so that one day you can say – I MADE IT!

And then





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