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It’s All About Her – Love Letter

“Everybody needs inspiration,
Everybody needs a song.
A beautiful melody,
When the nights are long.
Because there is no guarantee
That this is life easy.”-

Miley Cyrus – When I look At You.

I found my inspiration. I found my song. I found the most beautiful melody of all melodies. I know that I am not alone anymore. It doesn’t matter what I will have to go through in my life, I know that I have her; and she is the most beautiful soul, mind, body and smile on this Earth.

She is made for me and I will do anything to be made for her.

When you know what you have found, you don’t question it. I had all of the reasons to question the possibility of us happening and me being able to take care of this magnificent woman.

But I didn’t… Because I knew what I found in her.

We met randomly, in Rome. She is from Ireland and I am from Israel. I never had a relationship before her and now this is a long distance. I never had a relationship before her and she is a funny, wise and sensitive woman which means intelligence and depth to handle. Lucky for me, she is incredibly sharp and could see that my shyness is just a disguise for a lot of joy that is just looking for a safe environment to come out.

It felt safe from minute one.

I am here to tell you guys that your number one job is to be a great man for your woman. This is your number one job.

When she is upset, you are there to LOVE her. When she is cranky, you are there to LOVE her. When she is emotional, YOU ARE THERE TO LOVE HER!

I don’t care about your pride, I don’t care about your ego, I don’t care about your anger issues; you work on all of that so when she needs you, you will be there to love her!

That is how it works. There is no room for pride. Work on yourself so you can be there day in and day out in case she needs you.

In return… if she is the right woman, she will blow you away with her strength and beauty. She will be there to support your craft, to hug and encourage you and she will contain all of your fears, dreams, ideas and hopes.

They are so strong and majestic, and we men are so small compared to this divinity.

I always make sure to remind the love of my life that she is number one. Before money, before work… even before our future children. Yes, even the children. She was here before them, she will be here with them and it will be only her and me after they grow up. It is her all along, so yes… she is number one.

Tell her that she is beautiful. Show her how beautiful she is.

Sometimes I am finding myself looking at her when she can’t see me looking… and I am dying. My heart is melting. She is so precious, so gentle and feminine. She is an angel. She is my angel and I will make sure that she knows that and more importantly FEELS that.

Surprise her. Lift her up. Hug her. Kiss her. Show her how in love you are with her.

Get her flowers! So many men are failing at this one. Get her flowers!

I am not even going to mention how inexpensive flowers are because her smile and the way she lights up worth more than money. If times are hard and you can’t afford a 5 Euro bouquet, then take her for a walk and pick a flower. That is free and even more special, because it takes time and energy and not just something money can buy.

This is so simple…

When you love a woman and you want her forever,

You Just Love her.

She is your diamond and you work every day to become her diamond.


Dedicated to my soulmate, my best friend, my dream girl, my everything.
I don’t like calling you the one because it gives the impression that there is a second place. There isn’t. You are the ONLY one.

You will ALWAYS be my FOREVER.

Eternally yours,



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