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The Magician – Motivation For Life

We can perform magic. We can shift reality.

All we have to understand is two things:

One – Life has rhythm. Life works in a certain way.

Two – G-d will bless only your best shot, nothing less than that.

For you to become a magician you have to master the beat of life. You have to understand on a deep level the season and how it plays a part in your life.

When you are doing well and things are going as smooth as you could dream, that is when you can chill and enjoy the ride. This is the spring and the summer time of your life.


You are a fool if you think the winter won’t come.


The minute you understand that – you are free.

You are free from the pain of loss because you understand that life equals change. You understand that life is movement and you stop resisting it. You have reduced the stress in your life to almost nothing.

You know that hard times will come because the winter has to come at some point. That is the nature of things.

The other side of the story is that you just multiplied your endurance and persistency by a hundred. You will never quit anymore in your life. You will never give up when it’s hard.

You know that the same way that winter has to come… it has to leave at some point and give his place for better times… warmer times… prosperous times…

The spring, the summer and the sunshine.

All you have to do is keep walking. Keep walking the walk of faith. Know that the summer HAS TO COME, that is how things work!

And G-d…

G-d will never bless nothing but your best. G-d will never promote mediocrity and lukewarmness.

G-d has designed you to win and society have programmed you to lose.

If you want G-d to work with you, you have to play by his rules. Which are – give it your all or go home.

All you have to do is to embrace these two things and you will have the most powerful forces on your team – the universe, life and G-d.

And then…

You will live the way G-d wants us to live. You will be blessed because you respect the life you have been given by not wasting your time and your gifts. You will shine the way you are designed to.

No one will have the right to tell you that you are not a magician.

Only those who gave up. Only those who stopped dreaming. Only those who lost their faith. Only those people will try to talk you out of it.

I am telling you… Don’t let the people who are sitting on the bench to tell you how to play. You are busy living and making things happen; and they are afraid, that is why they are WATCHING YOU PLAY.

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© Gal Hanukaev and TheHeartWay, 2016.


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