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No Pain – No Gain

No Pain – No Gain is a cool catch phrase that saying it makes you look like a boss and it has a nice inspiring meaning. I couldn’t help it but philosophize about it and look for deeper meaning.

What kind of pain? Why does it hurt? Why without pain there are no gains?

While trying to convert my thoughts to what you see here, I couldn’t separate between the kind of pain we experience and the reason it hurts.

The pain associated with the growth is not always physical (like when you push hard in the gym), and I believe that in most cases it isn’t physical. The non-physical pain in more of a mental pain; we can’t feel it anywhere in our bodies but we experience it as a difficulty or a challenge. 

The mysterious pain is mostly the pain of discipline. Self-discipline is an area of life that is challenging for many of us and that is the source of the pain, and what separates us from success. Devoting oneself to applying self-discipline is as if we are re-habituating ourselves. It is hard to focus on building the NEW when the OLD keeps trying to dominate. We are forcing on ourselves habits and rituals that will benefit us in the long-term and the ultimate goal is to stick to the process until we engrain the habits in us.

I believe that the fastest way to change is to LIVE the process. When I try to install new thing into my being, I go HARD. I become obsessed with it and go full gas. Then, usually after a short while, I can go back to “normal speed” and the change has happened.

Why does it hurt then?

I believe that the pain is engraved in the idea that “I” have to force “myself”; “I” have to supervise and re-habituate “myself”. It is hard to grasp the thought of challenging ourselves intentionally and on a daily basis even if it will benefit with us.

There is a great metaphor of a sculpture and the marble. We, as the sculptures, carve in the marble to make the shapeless marble a masterpiece. The problem is that WE ARE THE MARBLE as well.

Who are we trying to educate? Who are we trying to push further? Who do we want to see succeed?


So it has to hurt for us to have results, doesn’t it?

The good things in life, those that not many have, require work. Strong health, amazing shape, peace and money are only a taste of the things many of us are lacking because achieving them takes A LOT of discipline. We tend to look at the results of others without wondering HOW this person managed to have these kinds of results. We sometimes tend to forget that MAYBE this person is “hurting” himself on a daily basis religiously; MAYBE this person is doing what we don’t feel like doing; Or MAYBE this person knows in the depths of his heart how important it is to “hurt” ourselves in that way and how worthy it is in the long run.

“I am doing today what you don’t want to do, so I can do tomorrow what you cannot do!”

What kind of pain do you prefer – the pain of regret or the pain of discipline?

Look at it this way, you in a year will wish that you had started today.

Love you people!





11 thoughts on “No Pain – No Gain”

  1. A very interesting post! I understand and kind of agree, only I don’t see it as pain, if doing something will give me what I want in the end. If, say, being disciplined is going to help me work with what I really want to in the future, then it’s something positive rather than pain (as pain is negative to me). But as a metaphor, it still works, I guess! 🙂

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  2. Yes, too true Gal, I don’t want to look back and have regrets. Whether it’s pain in a physical sense or a difficult process of finding our way and being self disciplined it has to be worth it. Very thought provoking.

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  3. I think it is called “pain” because it requires a lot from us- time, energy, determination, discipline, self-trust, positive-thinking, motivation…it is really exhausting IF we focus on the process…but if we shift our focus on the Result that we’re aiming at, that will give us the drive to continue.
    If we cannot give these things that we need to give (which we consider pain), we gain nothing in return. ☺

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