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The Best Way To Make a Fortune

“Profits are better than wages. Wages are ok; but wages help you make a living, profits help you make a fortune.” – Jim Rohn.

The quote above is one of my main guidelines in anything that I do. Create profit as much as I can and wherever I can. The ultimate goal is becoming a person who leaves profit behind him. The profit is not necessarily tangible or financial and some of it we cannot see or measure.

The whole point of creating a profit is leaving something better than you found it. Think about that as if you are a magician who leaves a trace of magic behind… anywhere you walked is better than it was before you.

I can guarantee you that all of those educated people (not university wise, but life wise) will always turn off the light in their hotel room before leaving it.

Why? To create profit.

It is so easy to do a small gesture with the hand and flip the switch.

One may say, “Yes, but that is the hotel’s profit”; so I say, “Why do you care?”

Your ultimate goal is to create profit and that is what you do. Ask people who sublet their place; I am positive they will have stories to share about horrible tenants. Those tenants must have thought that this is not their place so who cares. The exact same mindset of a person who does not turn off the light in his hotel room.

Is this the impression you would like to leave, as someone who touches anything and it turns into trash? Anywhere you go looks as if tornado stopped by and nothing you have ever touched that turned better.

Being this kind of person means that any work place will never hire you, not a single person would do business with you and that you will have hard time finding a decent life partner.

It is in everything, especially the little things.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Small thinking which leads to no profits is the safe path to mediocrity. That is exactly where it all begins – small attitude and life philosophy. Don’t fail creating profit when and where you can. Your life could be so much different; it is about the small decisions and profits. You made have it and you may not.

My invitation to you guys is to become a profit focused thinkers. If you happen to forget why, scroll up to the sentence I started with. You should want to exercise the profit-making “muscle” as much as you can, so when the opportunity reveals itself, you will be able to seize it and create a fortune.  Make it a second nature to you.

Just to clarify what I mean by saying fortune; it doesn’t always mean financial fortune or profit. Fortune also means luck and wealth. You can definitely be wealthy in friends, love, gratitude and appreciation. Lastly, to clear doubt in mind, a person who devotes his life to creating profit in any area of his life will most certainly have financial wealth as well.

Keep walking TheHeartWay!

Gal Hanukaev.



5 thoughts on “The Best Way To Make a Fortune”

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    Hey Everyone! I really was inspired by this article/post. This is so real and so necessary! I’m talking about a profit-focused way of life/thinking. It’s not about the money! It’s about creating a better life for yourself and others. Follow this guy, he’s really wise.

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