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The World Needs You To Find Your Way

“What is my destiny?” “Why I am here?” “What should I do with my life?” We all face these very common questions at some point in our lives. Some of us even take these questions a step further and try to come up with an answer. I came across a lovely article about “Our destiny in life” and I loved the perspective of the author. The main insight I got from that article was that there isn’t one specific thing we are meant to do for the rest of our lives, but we must be in touch with our feelings and let them guide us on the search.

Well… That’s a twist in my story.

If there is no One Thing we are meant to do, how could we trust our emotions (that tend to be very dynamic) to show us the right way?

So –

When dealing with emotions, we must develop the ability to distinguish between “I don’t feel like it” to “this is NOT who I am”. Regardless the path we will choose in our lives, we will have hardships; that is why one of our main responsibilities is to be able to tell if we are not doing something because we are lazy or because doing that is against everything we believe. Life is going to face us with hard times anyway. The art of life is to choose the quality of those times. Pick those who will challenge you, help you grow and push you towards your dreams.

One may ask – Why are the feelings a factor in our decision-making?

Our true emotions are an expression of an immense source of intelligence stored in our body; the same intelligence that digests the food we eat and keeps our hearts beating without us having to think about it. This source of wisdom is exactly that “gut feeling” or “intuition” we feel sometimes. If we want to be able to let these forces “do their thing”, we must love what we do in a way that carries us away. When we dive into the process, these forces kick in and that is how we can do great things and perform in a way we never have before.


Emotions are not the only factor in this equation.

Another aspect we should consider is what we really think that is important, or in other words – how can we save the world. We have a level of responsibility when we do something and for us to save the world we have to work in a field we truly believe that matters.

Unshakable belief in what we do with the understanding that hard times are part of the journey are the recipe for an endless fuel to keep us going.

It is crucial for us to remember that we are constantly changing. We will not always have the same interests, same friends and the same values. We grow and evolve and that is natural because we are not isolated from people and new ideas. IT IS POSSIBLE that something that truly makes us fired up about today will not get us as excited tomorrow. It is not that this something is not “good” anymore; it is just not good for us anymore and that is ok.

We are a living process and it is ok if we feel as if we need change or something else, it is natural.

We can sum the whole topic up through three points:

Learn how to recognize authentic feeling and laziness.

– Find in the depths of your heart what you believe is important.

– Surround yourself with an environment that will support the “important” things so you can create something to give to the world (and ultimately save it).

The goal (for me at least) is to create something we can pass on, whether it is a service or a product, through which we can touch people.

Sometimes, after finding the field where we want to work and giving our all, we may feel as if our job there is done. I like looking at it as if we got everything we could (as growth) out of the experience and we are ready to move on. That sensation should not scare you because you can approach any area of life through different angles. Sometimes this refreshment will lead to new ideas and insights, which will lead to more growth and prosperity.

Don’t be afraid to get involved with your passion, that is probably where you are supposed to be. That great intelligence I mentioned earlier is not some kind of outer entity, it is us and it is coming from within us; it is who we are.

Trust your guts and intuition and as long as you feel happy and vital, you are on the right path!

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6 thoughts on “The World Needs You To Find Your Way”

    1. It is! It is so powerful. Most people don’t follow thier gut feeling because it takes alot of courage and a level of risk. The whole comcept of fear is kinda funny because we will die anyway someday, so what are we so afraid to lose?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh lovely! Thank you for visiting! You are welcome to stay and share my posts, that way we can reach more people.

      I will check your blog as well 🙂


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