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Your Duty To The World

In this post, I would like to share an insight that pushed me (in a good way) to writing this blog and making videos on YouTube and feel good about it.

Do you know this feeling before you press on “Publish” that makes you stop for a moment and wonder; “Should I do it?”, “Who am I to share my thought as if it is something special”, “Should I stand out?”. Then, all of the excitement and enthusiasm is replaced with doubt and insecurity. This is pretty upsetting to me, but it is reversible; it is all about my point of view.

I found a better way to look at things:

How dare you NOT stand out? It is a shame of you not to share your gift with world! What about all the people you can touch? What about the inspiration and love you can spread? If you spare the world your gift, you may take away many smiles from the people who would love your work.

This way of looking at things should be part of your philosophy of life and I invite you to embrace it as your own. The first might not have made you feel anything, but the next time when you wonder if you should share you gift with others, you will know that it is the right thing to do. It is your duty to give and the world’s privilege to receive.

About the worries about who may or may not like what you offer, it is important for you to know that there is a demand for anything! Even if you feel as if what you love doing is weird, I promise you that there are many more people who like the same thing – you are not alone. Moreover, if you invest your heart in your work, you will be able to create something more than tangible or visible and even people from different fields will be able to appreciate your work. You do not have to be a professional singer or musician for a song to resonate with you on a deeper level.  The same for others with your work.

You CAN’T please everybody and that is ok. That is how it is and how it will always be, but that’s the magic. Your goal is to knock people off the fence (not literally); which means making them have a decisive opinion about your work – whether they like it, or they don’t. That is how you find your niche and build a solid crowd.

I hope you found some sense in my thoughts. More than that, I hope you could relate to the doubts and now you have a solution.

Create from the heart – fearless and shameless. The world will thank you for your love and love you in return. Those who won’t love you back? It’s ok, they love somewhere else.

Until next time…



25 thoughts on “Your Duty To The World”

  1. This is a very good way of looking at things. I agree with you, we should share whatever gift we have to the world. Some people may like and appreciate it, others may not. But it shouldn’t keep us from doing it anyways… I really like your post. It’s very encouraging and inspiring and I just want you to know that.
    I will be too selfish if I will not share your blog to my readers! (I hope that it’s okay with you…:))

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  2. Hey Gal, I love your thoughts and words here. That’s how I try and approach my posts as well. I pour my heart and soul into my words and if it touches others then I feel as though I’ve made a difference. But in the end it doesn’t matter as long as I’m true to myself. This is a beautiful post that resonates with me. Thanks to Nina for sharing your blog. xo

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    1. Miriam, I appreciate that you took the time to visit blog 🙂
      I am doing this because that is what I really needed few years ago. I needed a corner in the internet where someone would share perspective that will help me grow stronger.

      I will visit your blog as well! Hoping to see you around and feel free to share any of my posts so we can reach more people. 🙂

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    1. I am so happy for running into your blog, you are wonderful! Thank you for believing in my work 🙂
      Can’t wait for your next event!


    1. I feel you. I havn’t even shared this blog with the people I know yet because most of them don’t know this side of me.

      I know that G-d will bless our BEST, so it is our job to give our best shot. It is a journey tho 🙂

      Thanks for reading and I love your blog!

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  3. I totally agree with this. The excitement of publish can be recked by worry. I think i have almost gotten over that feeling. Today i had my first not so positive comment but it was cool.. not everyone will like what one writes. It is just feed back.

    I blogging is tough and we shouldnt make it harder by worring ..publish it and temain excited and just let it be and enjoy the feeling of hitting publish

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    1. I agree with you completely! Worring will get us nowhere. I find it easier to share with strangers and I am taking baby steps towards sharing my blog with my friends and fanily. I guess we are all walking the same journey of showing whp we are. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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      1. Oh my family have no clue i blog just my mum.. and two friends know i blog i told them directly but the rest i have nit mentioned.. let them figure out otherwuse i feel a bit funny self promoting. Two family members have figured out as they follow on instagram..

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      2. Hehe. Ye, self promoting is challenging in a way but I think it is the highway to dealing with ‘what people may think’. I told some of my friends because I know our relationship and they kbow I expect nothing but the truth. That’s how we are with each so we all can grow.

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