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When I Grow Up

Question: Can a glass full of water have more water in it?

Answer: Yes, but first we have to spill out what’s already inside of it.

The glass is a metaphor to our learning capacity. The more we share our knowledge and experience, the more we’ll be able to learn and grow. The ability of sharing is in the basis of personal growth. Not only you free room for new wisdom to go in, but you also get to hear again and reflect on the great things you already learned. Let’s say you learned something incredible and you rushed to share with your top ten people; each one of them got to hear it once, while you are lucky to hear it ten times!

The amazing side effect of growth is that it makes you think “bigger”. Some people are just small in their attitude; the way they think is small, their skills are small and that is because they are small and cannot take in much knowledge. If you are small, you don’t get much. You will lack in your ability to think and wonder, your ability to show gratitude and respect. No matter how prosperous the country is, you will always find people who don’t get to enjoy it. Those people are the “small” ones who can’t take much in – they are lacking the capacity. Many people are small in their abilities to share and grow themselves.

The beauty is, unlike the glass, us humans can expand our capacity and grow. Do it, don’t be small, share as much as you can! Share experience, idea, knowledge and everyone will benefit. Always remember that YOU grow when you share. The more you spill out, the more you will be able to take in. I take a lot from writing this; I get to reflect what I learned and rearrange my thoughts into something that I can pass on. When you share, your hunger for new ideas grows and that leads to more things to share. This is a magical circle – help yourself by helping others.

I believe that helping others should be more than giving a ride or carrying a TV. I invite you to help others with deep, sensitive and life changing matters. Talk about life, listen, advise, love and hug; this kind of help worth a lot more than superficial giving. You help your loved ones with “heart” stuff and you grow with it.

One may ask, “Why grow our learning capacity?”, so here is a good why: for us to have the ability to take MORE of the next experience. Is it possible that two people would sit in the same lecture room and one will take more of it than the other? The answer is YES! Whoever is bigger will take more, always.

Make decisions that will make you bigger! Not all of us are born with a big capacity and that is ok, it is achievable and learnable.

I hope that this post was the last nail in the coffin of the “small you” and the rise of a bigger you!

With Peace, Love & Hope,



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