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Why Understanding CHANGE Is The Key To Happiness

Life is movement; life is growth. The sooner we understand that – the better.

I believe that most of the suffering we experience throughout our lives comes from reality not meeting our expectations. The problem starts when we become attached to a thought or a belief and the feedback we receive from life is not aligned with it. The truth is, life is always changing and it is impossible to predict what is going to happen.

We can release ourselves from the pain associated with the disappointments by letting go from any expectations. Once we learn how to dance with life and go with the flow, we decrease the resistance we feel drastically. When we are attached to our expectations and we refuse to accept reality, we are fighting a lost battle; reality has already happened and it will keep on happening.

Our job is to embrace the change life brings with it because that is its nature. We can be in an amazing position in our lives right now and without paying attention become attached to it – anything that is not it is bad. That is when we start resisting change, growth and movement; that is when new experiences seem so intimidating. Imagine if you were so attached to walking when you first learned how to walk, that you would never try to run.

I believe that this fear of change comes from the place of risking everything we have achieved so far. The idea that the next step may be a “wrong” step holds us prison.

Here is a secret no one will ever tell you:

There are no WRONG decisions.

We have to be PROACTIVE with our lives. We are not trees; we can move and change whatever is not working for us. Yes, sometimes we will have to adapt to a new environment, but that is only for us to learn the rules so we know how to break them.

“Successful people don’t make the right decisions; they make their decisions right.”

Successful people are not passive. Successful people act, not react. Take a step and make it work – that is their mentality.

As I said at the beginning, change is inevitable. If we want to invest our energies wisely, we must stop resisting it. Enjoy the moment to the fullest for this moment is your life, but do not be attached to it because this moment will pass; like anything else in life.

Dance with life; dance with the seasons; dance with the day and the night; dance with the sun and the moon; dance with your smile and your tears; dance with life and death.

Dance with life and life will dance with you.


With Peace, Love & Hope,


Gal Hanukaev.





6 thoughts on “Why Understanding CHANGE Is The Key To Happiness”

  1. This is soo positive and reading it somehow made me feel sooo much better. I am certainly one of those people who gets worried, sad, anxious with changes in life but then that is the way of life and key to happiness as you’ve said. Thank you for sharing this. You have amazing thoughts 😊

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing how you felt about it, it means alot to me!
      I had to teach myself to embrace change because I really needed a change in my life. 🙂

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  2. Gal, Great post. Agree we have to be proactive with our life, and acceptance of change, and ability to adapt and go with the flow, and keep calm inside regardless of the change. I believe it is do-able baby step at a time. And holding the hand of the divine get us there.

    I do love your blog, wanted to like and comment on your ‘About’ page but that functionality is not switched on. You are quite a smart wise one at such a young age. You might like so of the sharing of Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. I think we have Centre in Israel too.


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  3. This is so great, and your ate so right saying that there are no wrong decisions! Every step we take brings us in the right direction, to where we are meant to go. Change is good, change bring us new chapters and helps life move forwards. Truly wonderful post!

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    1. I am glad you found value in my words, I truly believe that understanding life will release us from so much stress.
      Thank you for the heart warming feedback 🙂

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