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“How To Be Successful” Is Not The Right Question

There are many ways to be successful. You can be famous and make a lot of money in almost any field.

You should want to ask yourself – What is my PASSION?

I would like to mention something that I believe you know – for you to be successful, you have to be very good at what you do. VERY GOOD. You will not be a household name unless you are one of the top people in your field. For you to be so good at something you will have to dedicate your life to practicing and educating yourself so you can reach that level of success. I believe that you have to LOVE what you do so you will be able to invest this kind of efforts. I do not see how one can invest his life to something that he does not love and believe in.

It is very important to learn how to become successful and how to build a successful business. Once you know what your passion is, then it is the right time to learn how to build a business. This is when you should start thinking how to combine the two and turn you passion into a successful, revenue making business. Starting a business for the money will not get you going when things get rough; but when you feel as if this is your calling, you have a solid ground for a successful business.

Your passion is your fuel and your reason. You will grow into it and put your heart in whatever it is that you are offering to the world. Don’t question your passion because nowadays you can make money and touch people through anything!

TheHeartWay Is the Passion way and the only way!

With Peace, Love & Hope,



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