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The Freedom Of Death

What is the rush? Where is everyone going?

We will all die one day, which is the only thing that we can all know for sure. So why are we freaking out?

This post is all about sharing some perspective.

We want bigger houses, faster cars, fancy cloths; but why? It won’t fit in the grave, right? We are attached to material things as if they are the essence of this life. I felt a sense of freedom when I realized that I am going to die one day. When it hits you, you are free. You understand that once you are dead you have no more problems, no stress. Then I thought to myself that I should start applying this kind of attitude towards life because I love living. I do not want to die to be free – I want it now!

I am not here to encourage you to be a couch potato because in the end of the day nothing really matters. I am here to tell you to go out and seize the day! You know you will be ok, you know that there is no reason to be stressed out. Now we can enjoy the ride stress free!

The thing with humans and materialism is that we tend to be emotionally attached to the object itself. I say, if life can offer that, I want to taste it. I want to experience as much as I can in this life and live to the fullest. It is not about being able to say that I have a big house; it is about having the experience living in a decent house! Both those who live in a big house and homeless people will die, but living in a nice house during your lifetime sounds better.

My invitation to you is to understand that there is nothing to be worried about, we will all die one day and then nothing will matter anymore. We are stressing out for failing a test while we know that a year from now (not even mention a lifetime) we won’t even remember that we failed. Take life in the right perspective and attitude and you will get to be happy and free right now, no matter what you are doing or what happens.

Enjoy, experience, feel and taste from everything!

Life is an amazing journey and we should be free to enjoy it.

Until next time,

With Peace, Love & Hope,


Gal Hanukaev.


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