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Love Yourself – Part Two

Here is a beautiful and powerful saying that will show you how you can never be wrong: “Successful people do not make the right decisions, they make their decisions right”. It is your responsibility to make it right. Look at the circumstances positively, remain calm and you will work it out.

Taking responsibility for your actions means freedom because it is only you with your decisions.

Response + Ability = Responsibility. Your ability to respond. That is what taking responsibility for your actions really means. You made a decision, now react to the results. My invitation to you in that regard is not to attach yourself to the results because it is not about what happens,but how you grow through the experience of following your heart. At first, you will be worried and uncertain, but AFTER taking action, you will not care about the result because you will feel strong and vital for following your heart and you will want more of it. I promise you.

It is time to build a loving relationship with your feelings. There is a reason that your guts and heart are telling you to go in a specific direction, a reason you probably do not know. What you should know is that your heart is LOVE, and love never fails (as long as your intentions are good, that only you know). When your heart calls you, you are on the edge thinking whether you should go for it or not. So I say – JUMP. Fall in love with your heart and let it teach you the secrets of life. Secrets that only the brave among us will get to see because they are willing to risk it all and JUMP.

Finally yet importantly, is my invitation to you to exercise. Workout your body and your mind. Go to the gym if it helps you to discipline yourself, go out for a walk or a run. Eat nutritious food and feed your body what it needs. Sleep enough hours every night for your muscles to heal and give your body the time to recover your brain.
Exercise your mind. Reading books is literally the BEST advice I could ever give you. People underestimate books because they are cheap; it is hard for people to understand that books hold within their pages knowledge that very successful people decided to share with the world. Those people invested years to learn those lessons and they give you the option to learn the essence of those lessons in 300 pages. That is a blessing! In addition, it is cheap! Hallelujah!
Library card is FREE, so we cannot give any more excuses. READ.
Surround yourself with people who challenge you and help you grow. “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room” (I could not find who said that before). That is true. If you are the smartest, you have nowhere to grow with those people. It is not about being a snob, but being honest about your close friends.

To sum it up, based on my experience I have learned that teaching yourself how to love and respect who you are will bring many positive experiences into your life. Once I began expressing love towards myself (with the intention to grow and not to be an asshole), I grew immensely and I am happier with my life.

Remember that TheHeartWay is the hard way, but the only way.

With Peace, Love & Hope,



5 thoughts on “Love Yourself – Part Two”

  1. Working out is a struggle for me! BUT you can ask me to read books anytime! πŸ™‚
    “your heart is LOVE, and love never fails”- I love this one… I truly believe that where the heart is, that’s where we’ll find our treasure. Great post! πŸ™‚
    (Thanks for visiting my blog. I would not have discovered yours!)

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    1. I am sticking to this one religiously. It is very hard for me to engage with someone if I don’t feel sitmulated intellectually. To me it seems like I am wasting my time.

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