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The Magical Circle Of Love

The ‘Magical Circle Of Love’ is a name I came up with for the feeling we have when we give love or receive love. I do not mean love in its romantic form, but love as a nature and a way of being.

When your intentions are pure and you want to spread love, the people you interact with will feel blessed because they will sense love flowing through you. You will feel honored to be able to give in such a way and you will seek another opportunity to give again. The people you touched will feel so humbled for receiving pure love and they will want to share that and pass it on to someone else. I believe that is how things work based on my experience when giving or receiving.

If that is how the system works, than it is a circle that feeds itself and grows. You want to give more because you felt good about giving and those who received will want to give so others can feel how good it is to receive.

How do we know when something is right for us?

Well, if you feel good about it, keep it coming. Your body and your heart are not stupid; if some things were bad for you, they would not spread a good feeling in you.

I believe in the oneness of humanity. We are all one in a way and that is why it feels so amazing to give and receive. When you love someone else, you love yourself. The bible got it right, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

We all need food, water, sleep, company, a roof over our heads and love. We are equal and no one is better than the other is. Our deepest desire as humans is to feel appreciated and valuable; once we understand that we can treat each other better because we see others as we see ourselves. Imagine a world where everyone knew that this is the only thing we need and instead of hiding from it, we could share and love freely. No starvation, war and death. It is ok to disagree because now we see that some people may think differently from us and it is fine; everyone carries his own baggage and deals with his own fears and scars.

To sum it up, you and I are one. I feel great writing these words because I hope I get to touch one heart and make someone happy. This Circle is magical but achievable. When dealing with this kind of magic, magic is real.

Do your best to spread love and love will flow abundantly back to you.

I know it may be hard to give so much of yourself, but I know as well that TheHeartWay is the hard way but the only way.

With Peace, Love & Hope,

Gal Hanukaev.


*P.S. Feel free to share this post and blog with your loved ones if you found value in my words.


2 thoughts on “The Magical Circle Of Love”

  1. You said in this post that we must share love among all of us as we all are equal and by doing this we will complete our magical circle of love. I do assume from this that you believe that all human being in this world are part of single consciousness and are interconnected.
    That means we share all the emotions and feeling with everyone unknowingly. So if a community is exploited somewhere on earth then that pain is felt by us also over here and we also unknowingly suffer by it. So by being happy and spreading love we can try and balance the cosmic connection between humans.
    What do you think ??

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    1. That is true man! Infact, where humanity is right now is all because of the conscious and unconscious thoughts and behaviors we have. For example: There is no really hunger in the world; humanity just prefer manufacturing weapons and nuclear bombs rather than feeding the hungry. We are all one and this is our responsability to change reality.

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