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The Heart Way Is The Only way

“Go to school, get good grades, get a good job”.

We all heard that more than once in our lives. I know I have.

I believe that this way of thinking is a snowball that got out of control a long while ago. Only a small number of people are willing to dispute this statement and that is why we keep hearing these kind of sayings from our parents and teachers.

Somewhere back in the past, a man got a good job and felt good about it. Maybe really good at first. I am sure he had dreams, passions and goals, but he had a GOOD JOB and he felt comfortable and safe. The feeling of being safe and comfortable wasn’t the ultimate happiness or a sensation of a pick experience, but it was GOOD enough to remain still and stay. This man was probably too scared to step out of the box he created to him self because it is warm and safe inside. Going out chasing your dreams means risk it all. So he said to himself “No, thanks”. A day went by. A week. A month and a year. He kept walking the well-known path trying to avoid any signs of anything that says “leave the box”. That is what he taught his children, his grandchildren, his friends and family.

It was not his fault. No one taught him how to deal with his fears, thoughts and emotions, so he did what he knew best and suppressed them. And so, one day he couldn’t remember his dreams and aspirations. It was easier to hide from the fear instead of looking it in the eyes. He lied to himself. He lured himself to think he could hide his way out of it and be happily ever after with his life. 

So he kept walking the same path…

One day, fifty years later he woke up. He looked at his life and realized he spent a lifetime being afraid of approaching anything he ever cared about. He was worried about what people would think. He realised that FEAR IS A LIE. However, his pride would not let him tell the truth…

And the snowball kept on rolling up until this day.

I have a question for you:

What would happen to your life if you chose NOT to follow your dreams?

For me, if I’m not following my dreams I am COMPROMISING. I am not willing to compromise my time, Are you? The ONLY thing in life we can not get more of is TIME. Money is awesome, but we can get more of it. Even health can be regained.



Have you ever wondered how mid-life crisis happens?

People wake up. They realize they forgot what feeling alive means. They forgot how an adrenaline rush feels. They can’t remember the last time they were brave, did something they really want or laughed to tears. They realize they are zombies. Still here on Earth… Walking, working and sleeping – but feeling nothing.

To make it clear, I have a lot of compassion for people like this man in the story. I do not blame him and that is exactly why I wrote this paragraph in bold letters. I needed a healthy dose of compassion in order to pick myself up from those thoughts that “I am not good enough” or that “I wasted my time playing the computer” when I was younger. I want to add and say that there are no “good” and “bad” jobs or businesses. It is not about WHAT you do but HOW you feel about it. (My goal is that you will FEEL happy)

Your life is a journey. YOUR JOURNEY. I want you to value your time. Prioritize it. In other words, walk your way. If you can’t find your way – create it. Build your dream, not someone else’s.

My invitation to you is to take some time with yourself, no phone or any other distractions. Give yourself a chance to look in the mirror, reflect and think, “Who am I?”, “How would I love to spend my precious time?”, “What are my values?”.

This is the key to your heart’s kingdom. To yourself. You are going to find a lot in the silence.

I named this blog “TheHeartWay” because I truly believe that when your heart is calling you, you better answer and go for it. Your heart knows some things you don’t. I knew my heart would never fail me. Following my heart is the only absolute truth to me. Life, G-d and the ultimate consciousness is within us, so regardless of your belief, I invite you to have a loving and respectful relationship with your heart.

I tried to keep it short, it is hard to hold back your passion ‘though…

Let’s start walking together TheHeartWay and live life to the fullest.

TheHeartWay Is The Hard Way, But The Only Way.


Gal Hanukaev.


Feel free to share with your loved ones this post and blog if you found value in my words.


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